Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Put a Tarp on It

A leak in the roof may not seem like a big deal until it starts to rain, then its urgent! Even a small leak can cause major damage, in a very short amount of ti... READ MORE

Weak roof + heavy rain

Winter storms came as a surprise for many this year, especially this couple in Riverside when the ceiling collapsed in their home office during one of the many ... READ MORE


Roof damage can be very costly for any homeowner. The best way to prevent damage is to have a professional check for leaks at least every two years. If you noti... READ MORE

Roof Leak

This winter brought some heavy rain and strong wind. For some that meant a lot more than finding an umbrella and getting some rain boots out of storage. Leaks i... READ MORE

Mud Slide

Mud Slide - not the delicious blended beverage but a messy disaster! This mud slide didn't even happen with heavy rains but when a water line from the house at ... READ MORE

Tree Collapse

In the fall of 2014 a heavey rain and wind storm cause tree's and branches to fall all over Riverside. This home was one of the unfortunate ones to have a tree ... READ MORE

Roof Leak

A small leak in your ceiling is not something to ignore. As you can see in the before photo, what may have started off small turned into something that you cann... READ MORE

Basement Flooding

A small clinic in Riverside California had major flooding in their basement after a weekend of heavy rain. Unfortunately the flooding went unnoticed until the p... READ MORE