Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Rain Protection

With the heavy rains here it's common to discover leaks in the roof. Protect your home from further damage with a trap that will prevent any more water from entering your home until the needed repairs can be made. If needed SERVPRO can help you properly dry out any area that may be affected by the leak.

Mud Slide

The risk of Mud slides are always on the mind of homeowners living near hills. This is what they fear;  massive amount of mud and water suddenly filling their backyards and homes, as the pressure from the fast moving water pushes mud and debris into the home through the door and window frames. Removing the leftover dirt is one task, drying out your home is another. If this happens to you, don't panic - call SERVPRO.

Mud Slide

Heavy rain brings many different danagers including mud slides. This ranch style home in Riverside California suffered major damage when the hill behind their home sent a wall of mud into their backyard. The mud filled the swiming pool and then began to enter the home. As seen here the bathroom filled with muddy water from outside! Thankfully the professionals st SERVPRO of East Riverside were there to help clean things up and make it "Like it never even happened."

Storm Damage

Storms in July of 2014 cause a large tree to fall on a house in Riverside causing major damage to the structure of the home. SERVPRO was to the rescue! The tree was extracted and structural damage was repaired. A large section of the house was also damaged and was rebuilt.

Flooded Basement

A small clinic in Riverside California had major flooding in their basement after a weekend of heavy rain. Unfortunately the flooding went unnoticed until the power went out. By then the water was a few inches high and quite a bit of mud had accumulated, as shown in the before picture. Thankfully SERVPRO of East Riverside was there to extract the water, mud and other debris. 

Covered Patio Ruined

This rental property suffered water damage to the majority of the home when heavey rains hit. Shown is the covered patio which you can see the water stains where the rain came in, not shown is the ceiling that has similar stains.

Roof Damage

When unexpected strong winds and heavey rain hit Diamond Bar, California a few roof tiles came loose causing leak in the ceiling and water damage in the rooms below. While the water damage to the rooms were being dried out SERVPRO of East Riverside placed a tarp on the damaged area until it could be repaird.